Butter Biscuit with Berries compote and whipped cream

butter-biscuit-with-berries-compote-and-whipped-cream | cooktorelish.wordpress.com

Pic courtesy: Jay Mehta

He always makes me feel that I still have a long way to go as long as capturing that perfect angle for my dishes. My husband often clicks it in a way that I am just tempted to write down and share it with the world.

             Being in a good mood of baking everything coming on my way, I got these Pillsbury kids biscuit dough. (We prefer whole wheat as much as possible. But today was an exception like many of the previous occasions. To keep the portion small I bought kids version) . I baked two biscuits as mentioned in the instructions. (400 degrees 10-12 mins). Washed off some frozen berries(Strawberries and Blueberries), put them in a pan with some butter and cooked on medium to medium high till I got a thick compote.  Added some honey at the end to mellow down the sourness a bit.(I later realized that adding some spices, at least ginger could have elevated the taste further) Plated it with some fat-free whipped cream.

                      A delicious treat to start a much awaited weekend.


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