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Cooking is one of the most diverse subjects I have learnt in my life. Started about two years ago, I have relished every single moment of creating my dishes. And the more I cook, the more I feel interested about its depth and diversity. There have been days when the first thought on waking up in the morning was “what to cook today”. One fine day when I told my husband that I want to take a break from the kitchen, I realized that it is almost impossible for me to stay away from that. Since last two years, I have learnt, made mistakes, and improvised my cooking methods. Kaizen always applies, and I feel delighted to learn something new with my every dish.  Every dish is unique and reflects the preferences and choices of the person making it. I am highly impressed with the large community of cooking lovers out there creating some extraordinary food. This blog is an attempt to reach out all those people, learn from them and share my own experiences.