Home set yogurt

Homemade yogurt | cooktorelish.wordpress.com
Creamy thick homemade yogurt
Homemade yogurt bowl | cooktorelish.wordpress.com
Homemade yogurt, home made granola with fruits ….what else do you need for a healthy breakfast?


I call this yogurt because when I first started making this at home, I used market bought non fat yogurt as a culture. Rest it’s difficult for me to understand the actual difference between yogurt and curd. Some sites showed that they are created from different bacterial cultures. But the method of making remains similar. I had been struggling with getting a good thick yogurt since some time. The reason was apparent. The 2% milk that I used had some extra portion of water which was ultimately resulting into a yogurt with large amount of separated water. This time , I decided to remove that access water by boiling the milk and reducing its volume to about 80% of original. And yes, I got it. A creamy thick yogurt. All ready to go into a bowlful of health with fruits and granola. Method is simple. As I said earlier, I used 2% milk. I brought it to boil. Then reduced the burner to medium heat and let the milk boil till I got approximately 80% of starting volume. Intermittent stirring was done to avoid formation of cream layer at top. Next I turned off the burner and let the milk cool till almost at just slight warm temperature. I used the culture from my previous made yogurt. About a tablespoon of this was mixed thoroughly with the milk. And kept it in microwave (turned off). In a hot summer day of outside temperature of 100 degrees and inside home of 70, it just took just 4 hours to set. Thick creamy yogurt finally done 🙂


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