Garbanzo Onion Potato stuffed paratha

Garbanzo Onion potato paratha |

I always wonder that I have some old association with Garbanzo. It usually comes as a savior and in fact a source of innovation in my cooking. The other day I was left with just two-three baby potatoes. And we all were in a mood of having aloo pyaaz (potato onion) paratha. But then I knew that 3 small baby potatoes would not suffice. I opened up my fridge and saw this can of Garbanzo lying there. And came up with this new concept. I added half a can of mashed garbanzo into my paratha stuffing and here is the result. It of course tasted much different from what our normal aloo pyaaz would have tasted. But it was a good. It came with some additional benefits of substituting potato with garbanzo.

  1. Rise in protein content of the dish.
  2. Ease of rolling paratha – Garbanzo gives some extra dryness to the stuffing. It made the rolling of paratha easier. In fact I could roll much thinner breads with uniform stuffing across paratha without any central only flour spots.
  3. Of course a new thing to try and taste 🙂

I would like to request all of you to try this and give your suggestions as comments.

Pic Courtesy : Jay Mehta



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