Gobi Paratha (Cauliflower stuffed whole wheat flatbreads)

Gobi Paratha | cooktorelish.wordpress.com

Stuffed paratha’s are real fun. There are certain reasons why I like making these. It helps you eat a lot of vegetables, at times the ones which you do not like as such. Just hide them in between those thin and soft layers of cooked flour, and add spices to enhance the taste. It’s a great option for give away food in a lunch box. Wrap 3-4 in a foil with curd and pickle, and here you have a satisfying wholesome meal. They go great in breakfast. 1-2 of these delicious breads in morning and you will have energy to last enough for a long meeting at office. Serve them warm with home made butter as a perfect kick start of the day. Last but not the least, they can be made with any leftover sabzi that you have made and are in no mood of eating again in the evening or next day. I usually make mix veggie or aloo paratha at home. This was my first attempt at Gobi paratha and trust me it went really well and it has been surely added to my list of frequent meals. I followed the recipe from “show me the curry” except that I changed the spices a bit according to the taste of my family. I love specifically “show me the curry” as the two sisters cooking together reminds me of me and my sister :).


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