Banana Avocado Almond Milkshake/smoothie

Banana Avocado Almond Smoothie |

Pic Courtesy:Jay Metha

Every food has a story associated with it. Well with this one, its not pleasant. While I was enjoying this awesome thing with my husband this evening, god knows why my hand hit the glass lying on the table. A large portion of this beauty got spilled over & I am feeling really bad for my loss at this time. Anyways this is a delicious drink with goodness of avocado, banana, almonds and milk. I have tried this with yogurt as well instead of milk and it tastes great too.

Simple ingredients; great results. 

Serves 2

1 Large Banana

1 Small Avocado

Milk to make the final volume upto 750 ml

Honey for desired sweetness level

Chopped almonds 2 teaspoons

Method: Blend everything together with help of a blender. (You can add some ice if you want it to be chilled).



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