Watermelon cake

Watermelon Cake | cooktorelish.wordpress.com

Okay! so we are not talking about real cooking here, but more about cutting, carving and decorating. This one was made for my little sister in law, who claims herself to be a big fan of watermelon. Just show her this red stuff packed in the green shell, and you are guaranteed a big smile. When surfing online for various options of decorating a watermelon, I found varied options. Ranging from covering the watermelon with other fruits to using icing cream to hide the stuff entirely into a traditional cake look. All of them looked great. But I was looking for something that retains the essence of the fruit, while also elevating its appearance so as to make it special. Resources were a bit limited, as I was transporting things (except watermelon which I brought locally :)) from one city to another, so I used whatever was easily available.
Jelly fit perfect, as it increased the glaze to beautify while retaining the true identity to watermelon by being translucent. I used the instant powder to make one and poured it over the cake shape cut watermelon while still warm so as to let it settle on it (Although now I feel making one from fresh fruit would have been a better thing to do). I learnt carving from online videos and made two flowers from leftover watermelon portion, and used some other fruits (& dry fruits) to decorate further. Brought things together with help of toothpicks. Well eating a cold watermelon is always healthy and fun :). We had fun.


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