Bruschetta my way

Being vegetarian leaves lesser options when eating out. Bruschetta is one of our safest choice when we go out for food. My husband often ends up in ordering it as an appetizer. Having sour dough bread in my fridge triggered me to try some twist in original tomato basil flavor. And it tasted yum and husband was delighted :). It might be a bit far from what we taste as authentic, but trust me with this simple combination of veggies on sour dough bread, it’s a light and delightful treat.


Boudin sour dough bread – 8-10 slices
1/2 cucumber
1 Large Roma tomato(they are less juicy and have firm body, so don’t create mess on bread)
2 Spring onion
American cheese slice – 4
Fresh Basil leaves – 8-10
Salt and pepper for seasoning
Olive oil


Toast bread slices in a toaster.

Cut all veggies in small pieces.

Thinly cut basil leaves into a separate bowl.

Now heat some olive oil in a pan, put on all the veggies into it, add basil leaves, salt and pepper to taste. No need to cook. Hot oil is sufficient for extracting the flavors together.

Now on the toasted bread, spread some butter, put half/quarter size of cheese slice to it depending on the size of the bread you are using. (Remember that we just want very subtle taste of cheese here. If you add full slice, the bread will taste a lot of cheese and will lose it essence of bruschetta.

Place all the breads with butter and cheese slice into a microwave safe tray. Microwave for 1 min. When you take them out, you will see bubbling cheese and butter over the breads. Immediately with the help of a spoon add the veggies mix that we have made earlier onto each bread. Be careful for quantity so as to retain the convenience of eating. As the cheese and butter will cool down, they will help to veggies to stick to the bread. Serve immediately.


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