Sweet spicy grated mango pickle (chundo) – in microwave


4 Large raw mangoes (1.5 kg)
Sugar (1.5 kg)
Red chili powder (2 Tsp)
Cashews (50 grams)
Cinnamon (1 stick about 3 cms long )
Dry Coriander seeds (1 Tsp)
Cloves (4-5)
Cumin (1.5 Tsp)
1 green cardamom

Note: Spices needs to be adjusted as per individual taste


Grate all mangoes with a medium coarse grater. Now take the amount of grated mangoes that fits in between your palms, squeeze the mixture to take out some water from it. (The purpose of this is to reduce sourness of the pickle. If you want it to be sour, you can avoid this step. Also do not remove all the water otherwise it will loose all its sourness and pickle will not taste good).

In a large microwave safe bowl, mix the grated mangoes and sugar. Microwave the mixture for about 2-3 mins. Take out and stir the mixture before putting back in microwave. Again microwave for 3 mins. Check for the sugar syrup consistency. (This can be done by taking out a small amount in a spoon. Cool it. Take small part of it between your index finger and thumb to check for the thickness. If you get a single long strand forming while you gradually separate your thumb and index finger when pulled for at least half centimeter apart, that means the sugar syrup is of right consistency. Put back in microwave if required for 2-3 minutes more till you get the desired consistency.

Take coriander into a pan. Roast it on the stove without adding any oil on a medium flame. When you get an elevated fragrance , transfer it to another bowl. Roast all other spices one by one in similar manner.In a mortar and pestle, triturate coriander and cumin so as to form a powder. Add it to the pickle and mix well.Do the same for clove, cardamom and cinnamon, but this time make a rather coarse mixture. Add to the pickle. Add chili powder and mix well. Finally add halved cashews and mix well.

Transfer in a glass jar after it gets cool.


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