Mango Jaggery summer drink

This is a very simple drink. And its very very refreshing on the hot day of a summer. This was actually not planned, but was made from leftovers.

I had raw mangoes, just turned yellowish. I grated the mango’s so as to make a pickle (Pickle’s recipe follows in next post). Removed the excess water of the mango so that it loses its sourness a bit by squeezing them in between palms after making it to a ball shape. I wanted to utilize the water that I had taken out of the grated mangoes. So ended up with this drink.


Serves 2

Mango water – 4 large mangoes
1 glass water
Dried mint leaves – about 5-6 large leaves crushed to near powder.
Cardamom powder – pinch
Jaggery powder


Mix all, make sure the jaggery dissolves well. Strain if necessary. Serve chilled.


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